Facts About Sungha Jung

1.Sungha started to play guitar in the beginning of 2006, after seeing his father playing guitar.
2. Sungha’s father is not a professional guitarist, he plays guitar as a hobby.
3. Sungha’s father taught Sungha a few times, but Sungha learned so fast that soon he had to learn to play all by himself.
4. Sungha taught himself to play by watching video clips without any sheet music from the very beginning.
5. Sungha learned piano before guitar. He is taught by his aunt, but he wasn’t really interested.
6. Sungha’s father is Sungha’s manager.
7. Sungha’s father is the owner of  ’jwcfree’ account on Youtube. (jwc stands for Jeong Woo Chang)
8. Sungha’s Youtube channel has 500,000,000+ views and 800,000+ subcribers.
9. The first video is uploaded 6 years ago, when Sungha was smaller than his guitar.

10. Sungha takes homeschooling this year because of his busy schedule all over the world.

11. Sungha’s dog is female, a maltese dog.
12. Sungha introduced Coco as his girlfriend on a free chat from Allears.co.
13. Sungha’s tour manager is Dee Kim / Adel.
14. Sungha’s Daum cafe master is Kevin Cheong Kwonhee (청권히).
15. Sungha’s Daum cafe manager is Naiard Hyungseok Seo (형석서).
16. Instruments Sungha played: Guitar, Ukulele, Piano, Guitarlele, 12 stringed Guitar, Harp Ukulele, Electric guitar, and Drum.
17. Sungha likes sea and dolphins.
18. Sungha’s favorite color is blue.
19. Sungha likes clothings. He is quite stylish and fashionable.
20. Sungha likes to play Tetris and Angry Birds.
21. Sungha loves cute things.
22. Sungha loves gadgets.
23. Sungha loves diamonds.
24. Sungha hates nuts.
25. Sungha prioritizes English lessons on his school, because he thought it would really help him when have concerts abroad.
26. Sungha is a  fan of Big Bang (VIP) and 2NE1 (Blackjack). He likes G Dragon and Park Bom.
27. Sungha is a YGent fan too.
28. Trace Bundy, a famous guitarist, invited Sungha  to have concerts in U.S after Sungha played ‘Canon in D’ .
29. Ulli Boegershausen, a famous guitarist, invited Sungha to Germany after Sungha played  ‘Tango’. He also recorded Sungha’s albums.
30. Sungha collaborated with Narsha on her song “I’m in Love”.
31. Sungha stared on Suicide Forecast movie as a poor boy named Hyuk.
32. Sungha collaborated with Megan Lee few times, one of those is Monster by Big Bang where he got rap parts.
33. Sungha dance to U-Kiss song for his school event.
34. Sungha used the same T-shirt as TOP Big Bang’s.
35. Sungha watched Big Bang’s Alive Concert with his friend in South Korea.
36. Sungha met Se7en in Music and Men’s Fashion Week 2012.
37. Se7en had tweeted Sungha.
38. Sungha met 2NE1 to record their collaboration of ‘Lonely’ and ‘I Love You’.
39. Dara 2NE1 mentioned Sungha as ‘Sunghwa’ on her tweet.

40. Sungha met G Dragon and Taeyang as well.

41. Sungha tweeted G Dragon and got a reply that made him breathless because of happiness.
42. Sungha gets so many fans from VIP and Blackjacks because his cover of ‘Monster’ and ‘I Love You’
43. Sungha appeared on SBS in September 2012 performing ‘That XX’ with G Dragon.
44. Sungha is a shy boy but he can get along with people really soon.
45. Little Sungha didn’t talk much so that people thought he can’t talk.
46. Sungha sometime gets nerveous, especially in his first concerts in front of many people, he gets his hands sweating.
47. Sungha is more famous worldwide than in his motherland, South Korea.
48. Sungha felt, he got some public attention before because he was such a child, and as he growing he got less attention.
49. Sungha said on an interview, “I should grow in my skill, not only growing up in my age”.
50. Sungha had been to Bali, Indonesia, but it wasn’t for a concert nor other musical purpose.

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